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EnPro Learning System:
Safety Consulting
To Achieve Injury Freedom

Safety360 Leadership Program

If you are the Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) champion in your company, a safe workplace culture begins with you. Are you trying to develop your leadership safety ethics? Do you know if you have the support of your organization’s leadership, management and employees by their safety beliefs and actions? Safety360 is a powerful tool to gain insight about your organization’s safety leadership and the state of its safety culture.

  • Develop your personal safety ethics
  • Strengthen leaders’ support for safety
  • Make safety a core value
  • Start creating your safety culture

The Safety360 Leadership training course was designed by EnPro Learning System to give participants confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who work around them. This typically includes the participant's manager, peers, and direct reports. It’s not only for EHS professionals, but also for executives, operations managers, support managers and front-line supervisors. Any leader in an organization can be a safety leader.

Safety360 Feedback Loop with managers, peers and employees

Safety360 is a personal development tool to help leaders recognize strengths and weaknesses in order to become more effective in creating a caring and safe workplace environment. The Safety360 survey automatically tabulates, and the results are presented in a format that helps the feedback recipient create a development plan. Individual responses are always combined with responses from other people in the same category (e.g. peer, direct report) in order to preserve anonymity and to give the employee a clear picture of his/her greatest overall strengths and weaknesses.

  • Third-party, confidential, anonymous survey
  • Receive feedback from supervisors, peers and employees
  • On-site workshops led by ELS safety coaches to interpret feedback
  • Turn results into actionable personal and corporate strategies
  • Discover your safety voice 

With Safety360 an EHS leader can plot a clear direction for growing the company's safe workplace environment. After personally processing the results, participants take the next step to develop personal application plans and company safety culture action plans. The Safety360 becomes a powerful tool to jump-start a company's safety program with specific, measurable goals and tactics combined with an effective leadership perspective.

ELS can facilitate the Safety360 Leadership program for your organization on site. It typically starts with a conference call session with participants to present the program and identify those who will be surveyed. After the survey results are tabulated, an ELS coach presents the findings during a one-day workshop for the participants. During that time, participants learn how to communicate and demonstrate their safety beliefs to front-line supervisors and employees, as well as plan what the safety culture will look like at their organization.

To get started with Safety360 Leadership, contact us directly or call 844-264-2357.