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SafetyFirst: Behavior Based Safety Train-the-Trainer

The SafetyFirst® Behavior Based Safety (BBS) program took over a decade to be developed, tested and implemented across all global facilities at EnPro Industries. This is the only-proven BBS program that is supported by the award-winning ELS SafetySystem

Our two day SafetyFirst® course will train you on how to implement and coach EnPro's behavior based safety program at your workplace. The SafetyFirst® program has demonstrated remarkable success at reducing medical treatment injuries by over 80% and eliminating lost-time injuries within the first 24 months of implementation. 

The SafetyFirst® behavior based safety course includes the following four program modules:

Module 1- Making the Connection (CARES)

You will learn how to train employees to recognize and understanding general behaviors by making the connection using C.A.R.E.S. Every employee has their own special task, job or assignment to be completed and going through each of the five general behaviors individually helps employees prepare themselves for what they’re facing in their everyday work environment.  You will be prepared for industry specific and site specific triggers that will help train you towards specific work and home related injuries. 

Module 2- Injury Analysis

Injury analysis is important for you to understand your company’s incidents and metrics. You will learn about our safety triangle and how injury analysis leads to incident classifications. We will review data and utilize our injury heat map to track your disabilities, lost time, medical treatment, near misses, first aids, injuries and safety opportunities.

Module 3- Industry Specific Triggers

What are your operations' key specific triggers? Do your homework and come prepared with your top four injuries. We will review our top eight industry specific triggers with SafetyFirst® employee videos. You will learn how the triggers relate to the work your employees do and how to keep your employees focused on their specific triggers. After understanding your specific injury data you will create four specific behavior triggers to customize for your workplace.

Module 4- Caring, Sharing and Learning

This unique program element on Caring, Sharing, and Learning will train you on how to coach your team members to give and receive feedback related to safety. The SafetyFirst® Observation Opportunity Cards will train employees to care for one another. They will learn to share and learn from each other while increasing engagement and safety opportuntity reporting. 

Who Should Attend?

CEO, Business Presidents, CFOs and VPs will learn the requirements and procedures for implementation of a BBS program that delivers actionable results. You will understand why your management commitment is needed, and resources to execute operations in accordance with our BBS procedures to make your organization successful.

General Managers and Staff Management Team will learn to provide time and resources for employees to actively participate as a SafetyFirst® train the trainer or participant.

EHS personnel will be trained to implement the behavior based safety program by following up, giving support, providing guidance and assisting in direction for EHS teams.

Employees will participate in SafetyFirst® behavior-based safety session and incorporate the training into their daily routine at work, home and while driving. You will learn to provide feedback and recommendations for improvement to your specific department, task, job or assignment.

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If you need more information please watch our safety webinar:

"Building a Behavior Based Safety Program by Establishing Safety as a Core Value"

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