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Safety Training Webinars

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In the unfortunate event of an injury, it is important that your organization knows and responds in a consistent and caring manner.  Caring for injured employees and successfully executing on the next steps can be confusing and difficult to perfect.

Our world-class safety coach will lead attendees through identification of an injury, immediate response, medical escorting, interacting with medical professionals, investigation, notifications and follow up actions.  In times of injury emotions can run high and this succinct course is helpful in ensuring that no steps of the employee care process is missed.

This one-hour webinar will help explore proactive practices that you can utilize to ensure the best response and care for any injury or illness.  In the event that an incident takes place, having systems in place to ensure care, gather relevant and analyze information and facts, correct any unsafe situations and communicate throughout the organization are essential.  EnPro Learning System has developed an extensive care management program that consists of thorough training.

What you will learn:  

  • Setting up a strong incident response program
  • How to care for an injured employee immediately and throughout the entire recovery process
  • OSHA Work Relatedness and Reporting/Recordkeeping
  • Interaction with physicians and emergency providers before and after an injury
  • Robust review processes to ensure proper investigation, corrective action and follow-up.

Who Should Attend:

EHS Professionals, Executives, HR Professionals, Plant Managers, Team Leaders and Safety Team Members.   

July 13, 2017
Care Management Webinar
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