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Safety Action Teams: Leaders and Trainer of Trainers

safety committee program training for safety action teamsWorkplace safety depends on more than timely safety topics, slogans and signs. Your employees need and want more than another safety committee. Learn how to engage your workforce to create a safe culture through strategically designed Safety Action Teams. With training from EnPro Learning System, you will develop your leadership skills to facilitate effective Safety Action Teams from initial launch to mature multiplication.

Safety Action Teams - Course Outline

  • Safety Leadership
  • Creating Effective Safety Action Teams
  • Engaging Employees Through Intrinsic Motivators
  • Measuring Employee Engagement

Safety Leadership

To create a safe workplace culture, you will need strong leadership. Start developing your leadership skills by focusing your safety ethics. Discover your personal ethics, and how they influence your actions, through the ELS Safety MyVoice tool. Then you will be ready to strategically plan, organize and implement the ELS Safety Action Team system to identify your organization’s safety gaps and needs.

Workforce Engagement in Safety Culture

The key to workforce engagement is really quite simple – get out of the way and let your employees create the system. This cannot be accomplished with traditional safety committee training. Become a leader and facilitator who gives employees a voice in their Safety Action Teams. Then their perception about workplace safety will change from a job requirement to a personal creation and passionate pursuit. With ELS training you can become a coach who influences team members to “buy in” and request safety action assignments. As a coach, your responsibility is not to do the work – you will learn to ensure group meetings occur, tasks are being completed on time, and success is celebrated for everyone to see.

Long-Term Sustainability

Keep your Safety Action Teams thriving by tapping into the intrinsic, extrinsic and community motivators that strengthen groups. With Safety MyVoice and other behavior-based safety techniques you will learn, you can help each team member develop their intrinsic motivators and safety ethics and to release their full potential. When Safety Action Teams are successful, your organization will have a safer and more productive workforce that takes pride in its accomplishments.

Safety Leadership Teams

Everyone should be dedicated to workplace safety, including leaders throughout the organization, not only those with “safety” in their titles. This training is for leadership teams that want to go beyond the same old safety committee and make Safety Action Teams more effective in a shorter amount of time: CEOs, Executives, Human Resources Professionals, Plant / Facility Managers, Supervisors and Safety Action Team Leaders.

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July 16-17, 2019
Charlotte, NC