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Safety Action Teams

In this 2-day course, we will focus on how to engage the workforce through strategically designed Safety Action Teams, focused on the specific needs of your organization.

The course will focus on safety leadership and the skills necessary to lead your organization through the development of the Safety Action Teams.  We will also focus on how to design the team structure and then facilitate the teams through their initial development.  

Long-term sustainability of these systems is always a challenge so we will also spend some time discussing the intrinsic, extrinsic and community motivators that can be utilized to strengthen your teams.  Incentives have typically been used to motivate employees to participate in a program, but in this session we will focus on the individual and their personal safety ethic.  

The value that we each place on a particular topic, in this case Safety, plays a direct role in our level of interest, passion and involvement.  We will focus on how to develop that ethic within each member of your workforce to help release their full potential.

All too often, we as managers, create and implement a program, just to be left wondering why engagement is not what we would have hoped.  EnPro has learned the key to engagement of our workforce and the answer is really quite simple; get out of the way and let your employees create the system or program.  When people have a voice in the creation, the perception is altered from that of a required aspect of the job to a personal creation and pursuit. 

In order help create this system, you will need strong leadership.  This course will cover personal safety leadership and developing your personal ethic regarding safety.  In order to truly drive engagement, people need to be incentivized.  Incentives, however, do not need to be monetary in nature.  Financial incentives may fulfill a short term need through extrinsic motivation, but the focus of this course will be the intrinsic motivators that drive each of us in our pursuits.  Each of us have passions and interests and we will focus on developing our internal belief system to drive our actions through these internal motivators.  

The course will also discuss the necessary components of a healthy safety culture and how to ensure sustainable success of the Safety Action Teams within your organization.

What you will learn?

•    Learn how to assess your organizational structure to determine gaps and needs 

•    Learn how to strategically plan, organize, and implement your Safety Action Teams to focus on the identified gaps and organizational needs.  

•    Understand your responsibility and accountability to ensure group
meetings, tasks are being completed on time and visually posted for all
employees to see.

•    Learn how to influence (get the “buy-in”) from team members and
have them want to be assigned to tasks (safety actions). Coaching your

•    Understand how your own beliefs influence your actions in safety

•    Learn techniques and tools to be comfortable in engaging other

•    Conduct an introspective exercise to why safety is important to you.
Safety MyVoice will help each individual grow and develop their own 
safety ethic within. 

Key Topics Covered:

•    Safety Leadership
•    Engaging Your Employees Creating Effective Safety Action Teams
•    Developing engagement through intrinsic motivators
•    Measuring employee engagement

Who Should Attend:

EHS Professionals, Executives, HR Professionals, Plant Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Managers and Safety Team Members. 

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November 8-9, 2017
Columbia, SC