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JSA/JHA Training

Do you ever wonder to yourself why an unsafe condition wasn’t identified prior to an incident or injury?  In many instances, hazards and unsafe conditions are overlooked or not identified due to gaps in hazard awareness and hazard recognition.  Having a robust system in place to engage your colleagues in a thorough Job Safety Analysis or Job Hazard Analysis program can help increase awareness and provide a formalized system for identification of potentially unsafe acts and/or conditions. 

Our world-class safety coaches will lead attendees through an experiential learning in a manufacturing environment.  This course will not only provide training on how to perform a JSA/JHA but also will also focus on how to get engagement from your colleagues and provide hands-on experience creating a working JSA/JHA.  This training is designed to go beyond simply going through the motions and creating a document outlining hazards.  The outcome of the JSA/JHA process should be a tool that is incorporated into every day tasks.

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