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Basic Safety Training Webinars

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5S, Industrial Housekeeping and Hygiene

When looked at independently, which word does not fit? Industrial, right?

While the word “industrial” may seem out of place with housekeeping and hygiene, Industrial Housekeeping and Hygiene is a large part of a field of safety known as Occupational Health. Occupational Health is the practice of managing the work place environment in a way that improves the workers’ health and well-being. This branch of public health evaluates and controls hazards in the work place environment, such as chemicals, dust, and noise.

This webinar will cover the most common components of a comprehensive industrial health program:

  • Why implement an industrial housekeeping program
  • The benefits of occupational health in the workplace
  • Similarities and differences between occupational health and 5S programs
  • Best practices for implementing an industrial housekeeping program

Focusing on industrial housekeeping and hygiene can take your workplace safety culture to another level, and can even positively impact your operations through 5S too. Register for the Industrial Housekeeping and Hygiene webinar to learn about what you can do to bring the benefits of occupational health to your workplace.

March 26, 2019
5S, Industrial Housekeeping, and Hygiene
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