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Basic Safety Training Webinars

EnPro Learning System offers free basic safety training webinars to help professionals and organizations begin or continue their journey to safety excellence. Whatever your challenge, our safety training works for you. Our goal is to help organizations reach a zero injury workplace. Register for an upcoming basic safety webinar today.
January 22, 2019 From Incident Investigation to Care Management and Prevention Learn More
January 29, 2019 From Safety Committees to Safety Action Teams Learn More
February 5, 2019 From Behavior Based Safety (BBS) to Habits of Excellence Learn More
February 12, 2019 From Safety Programs to Safety Culture Development Learn More

Safety Action Teams: Leaders and Trainer of Trainers

An essential component of a healthy safety culture is engagement from the entire organization. In order for employees to be truly engaged, they need to have a voice in the overall system and plan. In this 2 day course, we will focus on how to engage the workforce through strategically designed Safety Action Teams, tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

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Safety Leadership and Care Management Training Seminar

Successful leaders are those who are able to create and sustain effective change throughout their organizations. When the necessary change involves safety, especially an organization’s safety culture, the challenge can be particularly daunting. This course shares unique perspective on why management commitment is crucial to the safety process. In the unfortunate event of an injury, it is important that your organization knows and responds in a consistent and caring manner. Caring for injured employees and successfully executing on the next steps can be confusing and difficult to perfect. This training will help safety leaders implement proactive practices to ensure the best response and care for any injury or illness.

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Safety360 Leadership Training Seminar

Through the Safety360 Leadership self-assessment, you will learn about your safety leadership skills and be able to generate buy-in from your organization's leadership to create a safety culture that will grow your business.

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Care Management Training Seminar

Go beyond impersonal incident investigation and make sure injured workers know they are cared for and appreciated with proper mitigation. Learn how during this one-day training that will give you a plan for handling the toughest incidents.

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SafetyFirst: Behavior Based Safety Train-the-Trainer

The SafetyFirst® behavior based safety training courses will train you on how to focus on developing your “people” and how to incorporate different aspects of human behavior to help them understand the link between behavior and safety. Learn the values of sustaining a safety culture by engaging, motivating and reinforcing your employee's behaviors and create a work environment where people enjoy coming to work each and every day. ELS will give you the skills needed to effectively role out safe behaviors at your workplace. Find a SafetyFirst® course by clicking on 'Learn More' to find detailed information.

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OSHA 10 Hour General Industry

10 hours of instructor lead training in accordance with the OSHA standards for general industry. This course is an ideal introduction for supervision and employees who desire a greater understanding of OSHA regulations. Includes tour of EnPro Industries facility.

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OSHA 30 Hour General Industry

30 hours of instructor lead training in accordance with the OSHA standards for general industry. This course is an ideal introduction for supervisors and employees who desire a greater understanding of OSHA regulations.

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The ELS Safety System Overview Webinar

The ELS Safety System can change the safety culture in your workplace. More than a decade in development and practice, the ELS Safety System powered EnPro Industries to be named the Safest Company in America 3 times by EHS Today. Learn more about the system and how it works.

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