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Safety Action Teams

An essential component of a healthy safety culture is engagement from the entire organization. In order for employees to be truly engaged, they need to have a voice in the overall system and plan. In this 2 day course, we will focus on how to engage the workforce through strategically designed Safety Action Teams, focused on the specific needs of your organization.
November 8-9, 2017 Columbia, SC Learn More

SafetyFirst: Behavior Based Safety Training

The SafetyFirst® behavior based safety training courses will train you on how to focus on developing your “people” and how to incorporate different aspects of human behavior to help them understand the link between behavior and safety. Learn the values of sustaining a safety culture by engaging, motivating and reinforcing your employee's behaviors and create a work environment where people enjoy coming to work each and every day. ELS will give you the skills needed to effectively role out safe behaviors at your workplace. Find a SafetyFirst® course by clicking on 'Learn More' to find detailed information.

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Safety Training Webinars

EnPro Learning System’s offers free safety training webinars to help professionals and organizations begin or continue their journey to safety excellence. Whatever your challenge, our safety training works for you. Our goal is to help organizations reach a zero injury workplace. Register for an upcoming safety webinar today.
August 24, 2017 Safety Kick Off Learn More

Care Management

In the unfortunate event of an injury, it is important that your organization knows and responds in a consistent and caring manner. Caring for injured employees and successfully executing on the next steps can be confusing and difficult to perfect. Our world-class safety coaches will lead attendees through identification of an injury, immediate response, medical escorting, interacting with medical professionals, investigation, notifications and follow up actions.This one-day workshop will help explore proactive practices that you can utilize to ensure the best response and care for any injury or illness.

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Supervisor Safety Leadership Training

Successful leaders are those who are able to create and sustain effective change throughout their organizations. When the necessary change involves safety, especially an organization’s safety culture, the challenge can be particularly daunting. This course shares unique perspective on why management commitment is crucial to the safety process.

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Online Training

Our experts have over a century of experience and knowledge leading safety programs, lean operations and organizational change across many diverse industries. Now we offer expert guidance through EnPro's Online Training Courses to assist with your professional development.
August 31-November 30, 2017 SafetyFirst® Online Learn More
September 21-December 7, 2017 Care Management Learn More

Actualized Leader Training

This 2-day workshop provides an opportunity for attendees to explore their team dynamic and performance through the lens of self-actualization, mindfulness and team problem solving.
August 30-31, 2017 Charlotte, NC Learn More

5S Training Plus Safety

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JSA/JHA Training

Do you ever wonder to yourself why an unsafe condition wasn’t identified prior to an incident or injury? In many instances, hazards and unsafe conditions are overlooked or not identified due to gaps in hazard awareness and hazard recognition. Having a robust system in place to engage your colleagues in a thorough Job Safety Analysis or Job Hazard Analysis program can help increase awareness and provide a formalized system for identification of potentially unsafe acts and/or conditions. Our world-class safety coaches will lead attendees through an experiential learning in a manufacturing environment. This course will not only provide training on how to perform a JSA/JHA but also will also focus on how to get engagement from your colleagues and provide hands-on experience creating a working JSA/JHA. This training is designed to go beyond simply going through the motions and creating a document outlining hazards. The outcome of the JSA/JHA process should be a tool that is incorporated into every day tasks.

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