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EnPro Learning System:
Safety Consulting
To Achieve Injury Freedom

Safety Consulting Services

We Are Safety Consultants

Custom Safety Consulting Services

EnPro Learning System can customize our applications for your business. From on-site safety training courses, mini Safety Summits, Safety Conferences and to Safety Gap Analysis of implementation- whatever your safety challenge, our Safety System works for you.

The EnPro Learning System is dependent on a core belief that all injuries can be prevented. It might seem like an impossible goal, but 46 EnPro Industries locations maintain this performance year over year. This performance is achieved through dedicated effort at all levels of the organization. The elements of the EnPro Learning System- “Safety System” empower and educate all members of our organization. Our colleagues affect true change in their working environments. They refuse to accept that traditional manufacturing cannot be done safely and have worked tirelessly to build a system that works. This safety system is implemented throughout our global operations and tested in diverse manufacturing applications. EnPro Industries has twice been recognized as America’s Safest Company by EHS Today. Since then, EnPro Industries has been sought out by outside companies to assist in safety culture development. Our business leaders recognize living safely necessitates sharing our system with others, and that’s why EnPro Learning System provides safety consulting services.

Partnering with your company to help achieve your safety goals is our priority. Our team of professionals act as an extension of your operations, applying knowledge and expertise to your existing safety philosophy and program. This proven method eliminates gaps, ensures we deliver the right message, and creates a reliable resource for all your risk management needs. This partnership philosophy is what has made EnPro Learning System the industry’s leader in risk management and safety consulting company.
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HSE/EHS Management System

The EnPro Safety System is a 12 stage process with a recommended implementation period of 24 months. Custom timelines are available upon request. 

Learn more about our hse management system.

Safety Gap Analysis

The EnPro Learning System Safety Gap Analysis is a three stage process and is designed not only as gap analysis, but also as a training event. The ELS Safety Team will identify and assess your company's safety challenges and goals, mapping to the EnPro Safety System (ESS) standard, identifying gaps that need to be worked on, and developing a specific plan to design and implement your own Safety System.

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