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Safety Summit Reviews

We are only successful if you are

EnPro Industries is as heavy duty manufacturer in the truest sense of the word. Our core business is the manufacture of highly engineered products that contribute to critical applications in various industries throughout the world. Throughout our development, we have recognized that safety must be another core business competency if true success is to be had. This realization has led us to understand that it is not just the safety of our own employees, but the safety of all employees that we must be concerned with. EnPro Learning System is the embodiment of EnPro Industries’ dedication to safety success for all companies. We are proud of the successes reached by the various companies that we have paired with, and we hope to reach many more companies as we continue down this path. Check out our video the learn more about how other companies have benefited from our Safety Summit.

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This is the type of behavior based safety training my organization has been looking for.
I learned a lot over the last few days.
If you need help… if you need to learn how to change your culture, you need to come to this program.