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Our Highly Trained and Recognized Safety Experts Bring Over a Century of Combined Experience in Safety Leadership.

On-Site Safety Training

EnPro Learning System can help your organization with customizable safety training.  From on-site safety training, summits, courses and to individual scopes of implementation- whatever your challenge, our safety system works for you.  We’ve created a safety culture across our businesses promoting the health and safety of our people, helping them safeguard themselves and their co-workers, both in the workplace and at home.  Our goal is to help organizations reach a zero injury workplace, teach their employees to identify risky behaviors and promote a work environment where safety awareness, communication and teamwork are high.  Our safety coaches will offer world class safety training and your team can learn from America’s safest company. Your company’s safety journey to zero injuries is achievable when you work with us.

We offer the following

Safety Fundamentals Course


This safety fundamentals course addresses tactical solutions for modifying a safety culture. This safety course features the same subject matter that is used throughout the EnPro Industries EHS service model. Successful in any type of industry, as diverse as from marine propulsion, aerospace, and to retail this course provides unique tools. Employees will learn about key programmatic and cultural drivers that allowed EnPro Industries to become a best in class safety company. This talk will discuss the benefits of enacting a Safety Action Teams based from the EnPro Safety System. The course will examine the importance of employee involvement at all levels of the organization and enumerate methods for increasing it. New approaches to behavior based safety training from our SafetyFirst program. World class methods for communication related to safety are displayed. Draw insights on how to properly manage cases such that safety culture is bolstered rather than deflated.

Safety Leadership Course- “Leading Safety Change”

Successful leaders are those who are able to create and sustain effective change throughout their organizations. When the necessary change involves safety, especially an organization’s safety culture, the challenge can be particularly daunting. This course will feature the VP of EnPro Learning System, Joe Wheatley. He shares his perspective on why executive commitment is crucial to the safety process. His talk centers around three core values of safety, excellence and respect. Disbarring the common misconception that operational excellence and safety excellence are mutually exclusive, he presents an argument for their indivisibility.  He will also present some unique tools for revitalizing and reorienting a safety culture like influencing without formal authority, integration of safety goals and objectives and execution of programmatic and cultural drivers. When safety culture is perceived through the mental model of a group’s shared values and beliefs, it becomes increasingly important to have a vibrant safety culture. Explored in this course are the elements that add value to an organizations culture.

Behavior Based Safety Training


The EnPro Learning System’s behavior based safety training course- SafetyFirst teaches your employees to recognize: general behaviors, customizable triggers, and a unique program element on caring, sharing and learning, teaching your team members how to give and receive feedback related to safety. By caring for one another, employees share and learn from each other. EHS and training professionals can learn how to implement and train on the program by attending our yearly bbs courses. The BBS program took years to develop by ELS Safety Coaches, and it was implemented companywide in EnPro Industries at every manufacturing facility, service and distribution centers across the globe. SafetyFirst is a proven behavior based safety tool and most customers experience a 50% reduction of injuries within two years of training.

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