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Our Safety Professionals
Are Ready When and Where
Your Company Needs
Safety Training Most

On-Site Safety Training

EnPro Learning System can help your company with customized safety training when and where you want it delivered.  From single warehouses to multiple plant locations, we can scale training to meet your company’s needs.

Whatever your safety culture challenge, we can deliver as much of our Safety System as you would like. We offer mini-summits, leadership and team workshops, multiple-day courses and full-day seminars.

ELS Safety System Specific Topics


On-Site General Topics

ELS offers additional on-site only topics that are more general and appropriate for single-day safety training.

Base Camp Safety Fundamentals

This safety training addresses tactical solutions for modifying a safety culture, based on the EnPro Industries safety approach, in any company or industry. Participants will learn about key programmatic and cultural drivers that EnPro Industries maximized to become a best in class workplace safety culture. The content will examine the importance of employee involvement at all levels of the organization and the methods for increasing it. New approaches to safety committees and behavior based safety will be explained from our Safety Action Teams and our SafetyFirst programs. Discover new ways to approach incident investigation and communication as well. The Safety Fundamentals program can set the stage for future on-site safety training and workshops for program implementation.

Leading Safety Change

Successful visionary safety leaders create and sustain effective change throughout their organizations at all vertical and cross-functional levels. This safety training features EnPro Learning System Vice President Joe Wheatley as he shares his perspective on why corporate executive commitment is crucial to the safety process. His talk centers around three core values of safety, excellence and respect. Disbarring the common misconception that operational excellence and safety excellence are mutually exclusive, he presents an argument for their interdependence to drive production and quality improvement.  Participants also will learn some unique tools for revitalizing and reorienting a safety culture, such as influencing without formal authority, integrating safety goals and objectives, and executing programmatic and cultural drivers. When injury prevention is perceived through the mental model of a group’s shared values and beliefs, it becomes increasingly important to have a vibrant safety culture with engaged employees and strong servant leaders.

Contracting for On-Site Training

To contract for on-site training, simply complete the form below and a representative will work with you to develop a customized proposal plan.

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