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Safety System


EnPro Safety System

EnPro Learning System believes we can help you develop and implement a hse management/ safety system using our EnPro Safety System. Our safety system can be used in your company in a way so that it will be focused, standardized and consistent. Safety is a paramount responsibility and we recognize your need to get a fast start for successful implementation. EnPro’s Safety Coaches will begin by identifying and assessing your current system. Safety Gap assessment is performed using the EnPro Learning System as a standard. Each implementation plan is specifically tailored to the individual organization.

We recognize that flexible and unique implementation achieves the fastest success. We will help you build on your existing culture and system, using and/or improving documents, tools and communication from your existing systems where possible. Throughout the term, we will seek opportunities to help you identify and achieve strong business value from your safety system - cost savings, increased efficiency and reliability, avoided costs, reduced duplication and conflict, better communications and a more robust safety culture. 

The EnPro Safety System is a 12-stage process that lasts two years, which also includes auditing and sustainability. Custom timelines are available upon request.

Our Safety System focuses on the development of the following elements:


Executive Management Commitment

  • Overview of the EnPro Safety System, SafetyMyVoice: a safety culture development module and review of safety training tools and programs.


Safety Metrics and Goal Setting

  • Implement ELS Safety Triangle with leading and lagging indicators. Obtain organizational agreement and implement leading and lagging indicator procedures.


Management Accountability/Recognition and Incentive Program

  • Establish safety goals and accountability. Begin individualized and group safety recognition and incentive programs.


Care Management and 24 Hour Reporting

  • Interviews of all medical treatment and first-aid cases for the last five years and begin conducting care management training.


Safety Leadership Training

  • Management development through personalized safety coaching and SafetyMyVoice development. Incorporate ELS’s formalized safety procedures including incident investigation, machine guarding, job hazard analysis and visual PPE assessment.


Committee-Based Safety System

  • Assess current organizational structure, prepare committee timeline and implementation plan. Educate, motivate and support current committee-based structure, while developing new teams to eliminate performance gaps.


SafetyFirst Behavior Based Safety Program

  • Review of current behavior based safety program with colleagues. Incorporate site specific injuries and into a colleague-driven Behavior Based Safety Program.


Implementation of Best Practices Safety Standards

  • EHS Gap Competency Matrix
  • Proper Safety Attire
  • Lathe Guarding Standard
  • Manual Handling (35lbs)


Safety Communication Centers (Visuals)

  • Establish and implement centers to communicate all safety information.


Safety Stand Downs/Hot Seats Calls

  • Set up a standardized process and including guidelines and communication with your team.


Safety Kick-Off and Safety Pledge

  • Plan, prepare and implement a Safety-Kick Off Event and coordinate signing of the safety pledge.


Incorporate Family (family/home)

  • Review, plan and prepare safety events related to the family and home life.

Safety Gap Analysis

ELS also provides safety gap analysis. You can learn more about our safety gap analysis services.