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America's Safest Company

Three Time Awarded America's Safest Company

2016 “America’s Safest Companies” Award Winner

EnPro Industries is a three-time ASC winner and at the first of every New Year, employees around the world are asked to sign the safety pledge- “I pledge to personally be involved to create an injury-free workplace. My dedication to creating a safe workplace free of all injuries will be absolute and clear through my actions.” All global company operations conduct a four hour behavior based safety training SafetyFirst event which includes the safety pledge, but also shows the organization is focused on safety leadership, safe production and safety training. The company’s ultimate goal is to create a culture where employees look out for everyone at different facilities across the world, and at the end of the work day carry their safety practices back home to their families. 

2011 “America’s Safest Companies” Award Winner

EHS Today magazine named EnPro Industries one of America’s safest companies in 2011. One of twelve companies that have succeed in world class safety status. The editors at EHS Today had to conduct several rounds of eliminations due to an increasingly high number of applications summited. To be considers as one of America’s Safest Companies, companies must show: inventive solutions to problematic safety challenges, lower average injury and illness rates in their industries, elite training programs, support from management and employee participation, communicate the value of safety, show evidence that incident prevention is working, and corroborate the benefits of safety development.

2006 “America’s Safest Companies” Award Winner

In 2006, EnPro was one of ten companies awarded “America’s Safest Companies” by Occupational Hazards Magazine. EnPro was selected as a result of persistent improvement in safety performance from educating their employees on safety education, and its responsibility from both leadership and employees.   Every team member of management is a safety leader in all aspects of safety excellence, including 24 hour accident reporting, auditing, safety communication and safety training. Safety excellence and achieving a zero free injury workplace is as important as any other measurement of our company’s success. Enpro’s leadership places safety at its core business value, and they know it would not be achievable without the daily participation, hard work and commitment from our employees. Our employees give us remarkable results and our company identifies businesses within its organization with the annual President’s Safety Awards.