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Your safety needs
are unique.

So is our approach.

Why Choose EnPro Learning System

About Us

EnPro Learning System is the learning organization of EnPro Industries, a diversified manufacturer of proprietary products. Founded in 2002 in a spin-off from Goodrich, EnPro Industries is comprised of medium- to heavy-duty manufacturing companies that have been around for more than a century from all over the world. The success achieved over the past 16 years has led EnPro Industries to be awarded America’s Safest Company by EHS Today 3X's. This was a perfect opportunity for a company to dedicate itself fully to safety excellence. Thus, EnPro Learning System was born.

We offer safety consulting services, safety courses, and safety conferences throughout the year to help other companies and professionals on their own journeys to safety excellence. Our safety coaches customize and implement the EnPro Learning System with interested companies through our safety consulting services


Safety Pledge

Developed by and for the employees throughout EnPro Industries, EnPro Learning System is a cultural movement for safety perfection. Imagine working for a company where every employee makes both a personal and public commitment to safety by signing a pledge that reads, “I pledge to personally be involved to create an injury-free workplace. My dedication to creating a safe workplace free of all injuries will be absolute and clear through my actions.” 

When it comes to providing superior safety training that improves productivity and efficiency, EnPro Learning system is the most reliable in the industry. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and superior values extends to every area of your business.