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EHS software on computers that complies with OSHA injury reporting requirements.

EHS Incident Management
Software Created
By EHS Professionals

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OSHA Injury Reporting Software (SRS)

EnPro Learning System developed the Safety Reporting System (SRS) injury management software to streamline and automate your company’s EHS incident and injury data.

Our user-friendly EHS software makes it easy to accelerate performance and effectively manage your OSHA injury reporting data. As a customizable web-based, injury management, reporting and analysis system, SRS helps drive improved safety response performance through immediate communication of an incident, which escalates corrective action and mitigation follow up.


incident dashboard reporting

Injury Database Dashboards

Real time dashboards provide detailed injury data performance metrics to users available 24/7. The changeable interface in the EHS software allows you to customize the dashboard settings to configure for your business needs.


Detailed Injury Reporting Procedures

Report and edit injury incidents to start your investigation by adding injured and witness personnel, corrective and preventive actions, root cause analysis, document uploads, and additional detailed information for OSHA injury reporting requirements. SRS completes the OSHA 300 log for proper electronic submission by EHS software.

incident reporting form-custom


email notifications for ehs software

Injury Management Email Notifcations

This feature increases communication, accountability and efficiency through automated email notification of all leading and lagging injury indicators. Also, corrective and preventive actions can be assigned to employees. SRS automates tracking and escalation of past-due injury reporting procedures and corrective actions, so that incident investigation and mitigation occurs on time.

Environmental Compliance Data

Manage, track and report all non-regulatory and EPA regulatory metrics data regarding air, water, minerals, and waste. We can customize your environmental compliance forms to report data to meet local, state, and federal format needs.

add environmental complaince data


SRS Hosting, Support and Maintenance

ELS will make available its premium website and database hosting infrastructure to host and operate SRS and all of its injury reporting data for proper OSHA injury reporting. Our hosting environment is operating on the Microsoft Azure cloud hosting platform with a primary datacenter located in Virginia, U.S. and a failover datacenter in California, U.S. ELS will actively monitor, manage, and maintain all infrastructures that host or support the hosting of websites, as well as provision additional resources as necessary. ELS is committed to your SRS injury management EHS software operating successfully in a secure and fully functional hosting environment.

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