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One injury is too many.

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EHS Incident Management
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Next Generation
Behavior-Based Safety
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EnPro Learning System is powered by individuals throughout EnPro Industries. Our safety system provides resources for management leadership commitment coupled with intensive employee safety training. Three times named America’s Safest Company, EnPro Industries has developed the gamut of best practices perfectly aligned to efficiently move your organization forward on the journey to zero injuries.

The systems that EnPro has can help an organization reach a level of performance."
- John Henshaw, Former OSHA Director


Safety topics, slogans, signs, tips and committees are not enough to successfully navigate the journey. It takes a proven system backed by a demonstrated commitment to core values and behavior-based safety across every level of the organization. All elements of the EnPro Learning System safety program are developed for and tested by EnPro Industries manufacturing divisions and our customers - the real world of diversified industrial, chemical, metals processing, food packaging, government services and retail operations. EnPro Learning System is ready to help your organization with consulting, safety plans, on-site training and injury management software. Zero injuries can be achieved, working together. 

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